CMA Final Task

Desert Photo-shoot:

Something that I've learnt is trying things out of my comfort zone. And that's why I took a big risk in doing a graphic that is not literally 'deserty' but the emotion and the feel of the graphic is so. 
It's inspired by the time I visited Dubai, in '08. It's a very rich country (as you may know). Hence, the rich look with the fur and the amazing necklace. Also, it's my first time trying fur out, I think it worked out okay... The one on her left arm looks amazing, the other, not so good. 
Dark colours always have a way to stand out in the desert because of the light coloured sand in the background, so, I chose to do the dress a bottle-green colour, which is also my favourite colour.
I really really hope you get what I'm trying to portray here and that this entry connects with you.

Ad Campaign: 

I love this one! The outfit is so fashionable and I love the colour scheme along with the whole vintage effect of the graphic. 
The main idea of Myboshi, that really grabbed my attention, was to create something that was your own, something that was a part of you. Hence, I decided on doing a graphic showcasing my style and a beanie that goes along with the same. 


Oh, this is my absolute favorite! The shading came out so well, I'm so happy!
Anyhow, I was assigned Aphrodite - The Goddess of Love and Passion.
If I could, I would have done her butt-naked but since it was a runway task involving a haute couture dress, I had to put something on her. And that too, not only something, I did a Lanvin inspired pure white silk dress in a typical Greek style with the 'headgear' too :D
I'm so so happy with the result, I hope you all like it!

Wish me luck!

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