Entry for Wear My Closet Challenge @ The Stardoll Lookbook

For my entry I wanted to do almost like a mini-collection.
I observed the ample availability of floral garments and decided to incorporate at least one in my looks.
The theme I hence chose was 'Floral Formal'; to give that sophisticated spring elegance to the usual florals. Also, I chose a cohesive pink colour pallet to make it come together as one.


The Stardoll Lookbook : 'Wear My Closet Challenge #7 GET INVOLVED!'

First off, those pair of pants are REALLY hard to style.

So, I decided to cover its 'flaws' with the art of layering.
The olive 'coat' is actually a dress and the white shirt hides that fact. A bold necklace makes this look edgy and unique. Lastly, classic heeled boots and a hat makes this look complete.

In the end, I'm really proud of it.
I did this is 2 hours o.o
That's a LOT of time, lol. But, I guess it was worth it! 

Let me know what you think! 

Oh, and don't forget to enter the contest yourself:
All you have to do is style her doll!


Why Should Men Have All The Fun?

Outfit for Best Dressed @ Allure Comeback Party

Theme: Menswear Fabrics


Stardoll BMA- Task 1

I just came back from my vacation from Sentosa island - Singapore, which is also my inspiration for this makeup.
The pristine blue sandy beaches are perfectly portrayed by the blue and orange tones. 
I kept the lips simple, not to divert much attention away from the beautiful eye makeup.
I hope you like it.